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Christina Shaw is a professional REALTOR in Orange County, California. Christina has 25 years of business experience and has been an Orange County resident for over 20 years. She is a licensed agent, a Marketing Expert, a Short Sale Specialist, a Five Star REO expert & an EB-5 Investment Advisor.

Christina is an active member of the NAR, CAR, OCAR and AREAA. She volunteers for local public schools, church, & CHOC.

Her multilingual abilities (Mandarin, Cantonese & Taiwanese) and global connections have allowed her to serve both individuals and businesses from around the world. If you are interested in a FREE Home Marketing Analysis or would like more information on the expert services provided to you as a Home Seller, please feel free to give her a call at 949-648-0011 or 949-478-7006 or email her at Today!


蕭琪 是一位經驗豐富的房地產經紀。她擁有工商管理碩士和25年的工作經驗,她在過去20幾年一直居住在加利福尼亞州的橙縣。她是一位持牌經紀, 行銷專家, 短售屋買賣專家, 銀行屋買賣專家, EB-5投資顧問,以及許多其他房地產工作的認證.

以她的多元文化背景和多國語言能力, 加上她的超強談判能力, 任何您不能賣掉和買不到的房子, 請給她打個電話. 她幫助過無數美國國內家庭和企業而且也幫助過無數中國, 香港, 台灣, 韓國, 日本, 歐洲來自世界各地家庭和企業房地產各方面買賣服務.

蕭琪 以誠信幫助客戶. 讓她協助你任何與房地產買賣和投資移民相關的問題。今天就打電話給她 949-648-0011 或 949-648-0011, 或發電子郵件: 給她

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